Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- How do you know if someone needs anger management?

A.- Anger is a healty and necessary emotion. Just as anything else, the problem is when it becomes exessive. If you find yourself constantly in arguments that escalate quickly even despite one’s efforts to avoid or defuse the situation; often over things that could be considered small or nonconsequential, it could be a sign of poor or the inability to control anger.

Q.- Is enrollment and attendance confidential?

A.- Anger Intervention Services protects the privacy of all clients. The only information released would upon client request to provide notice of enrollment, attendance or completion to the court or probation office and any such documents (letters) would be given direct to the requesting client.

Q.- How much are the classes?

A.- Classes prices vary from $15 to $25 per session. Intake Fees are $35. If you have any questions please contact Anger Intervention Services at 661 418-3649