A message from William…

My mission is to bring counsel and healing to my community. Understanding the core problem is not our situation or circumstances, but our ability or inability the accept, handle and manage our respond to, and behavior at what I call the “moment of truth.” Which for some may be when you feel an urge and struggling
to resist it. Or when you’re trying to avoid an argument and it seems as if others are intentionally trying to frustrate you. In many cases what we battle is the product of life’s stressors which we all have.

For some it may also be coupled with specific issues that trouble us currently or from our past. As well as exposure to such behaviors. Even if despised or resented, if witnessed early on it’s possible to become our “normal”. Couseling will not change situations or circumstances, but will help you in recognizing triggers, setting boundries and changing behavior. You cannot change a community or environment. The people must change and can then change their community and environment around them.