Joy Applin

Joy Applin is a lifelong resident of the Antelope Valley.

Ms. Applin has over 30 years experience with working with in the field of domestic violence and anger management. Joy as served this community as a domestic violence specialist and court advocate for the Valley Oasis Shelter.

Worked many years as a peer counselor and facilitated numerous groups with victims of domestic violence, the perpetrator and with male inmates from several California State Prisons as part of the inmate’s Pre-release educational program.

Coordinated and developed training manuals, group/class curriculum including visuals and trained volunteers how to work with people in crisis.

Joy Applin recently joined up with William Stafford and his Anger Intervention Program, working with Youth at Risk, Anger Management and abusive individuals. She is very excited to be a part of this team and will work hard to comfort and educate our local community.

Niccole Trautman

Niccole Trautman has been volunteering for Anger Intervention Services since January of 2015. She assists with the Anger Management and Drug and Alcohol Classes.
Niccole is a very caring, understanding, and determined individual. She has persevered and overcome many life challenges. As a recovering addict, she decided she wanted to use her own personal experiences to help others to achieve sobriety. With this in mind, she enrolled in school to become an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She plans on having a career doing what she loves to do, helping others.

Alan Mazariegos

Alan Mazariegos has lived in the Antelope Valley area for over 10 years. He is a selfless service individual that is motivated and dedicated to helping others with their needs.

Alan is a former teen drug addict whom overcame challenges that many teens go through today. His only wish is to help guide teens toward the right direction through his own testimonies and experiences. He frequently volunteers in his local community and likes to help. His goal is to make a better world through hard work and perseverance.

Mr. Mazariegos’s aim is to help the younger generation overcome their challenges as he did and create a brighter future for themselves.

Alan has known Mr. Stafford for a few years. Mr. Stafford was a counselor when Alan was attending a similar program. They share the same vision and Alan is eager to be a part of the team that aid in transforming lives.